Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill

I can’t really say I’m a “frugal” person.  In fact, I’m kind of on the flip  side, I’m brand loyal and usually don’t mind spending a little more if it supports a local small business or if its a brand I trust.  However there is one area that I feel like I have no option but to try to spend the least amount possible… groceries.

We are a family of four.  I am totally the odd “woman” out too being the only female in my household.  My husband, while slender can pack it away and eats a lot.  Every time I make dinner he always goes back for seconds.  My 12 year old is a typical 12 year old growing boy and is hungry just about every 10 minutes.  And trust me, no matter how well I feed him, he always comes back 15 minutes later… “I’m hungry”.  And he really is hungry, not bored because when I tell him “if you’re really hungry you’ll have celery”, he will in fact go in and eat an entire thing of celery!  If I fed my family what I would LIKE to feed them, brand name, organic fruits and veggies, grass fed beef, free range chicken my grocery bill would literally be $1200.  I know this because I tried feeding my family like this for about 2 months, and it did indeed break the bank.

Then one day I was introduced to Coupon Mom and coupon shopping.  I always thought that coupon shopping meant taking hours to cut coupons and going everywhere in town.

Not at all.

The key to coupon shopping is stocking up when items are on sale.  Coupon mom takes the hours of matching up coupons to when the items are on sale out of the process and simplifies it.  I have a binder, each Sunday I pull the coupons out, mark the date and put it in my binder.  When I decide to go grocery shopping I’ll head on over to coupon mom.  Using the Grocery Deals by State, I choose my local grocery store and the database pops up.  I find it best to sort by percent saved, so click the little arrow as shown in figure A.  Some items you can even get for free!

Figure A.

Now, I could rewrite all the instruction on exactly how to use her system, but I would just be regurgitating her words in my poorly written text, so instead, head on over to The Coupon Mom’s YouTube channel and watch her videos.

I know it works, I used to spend $200-$250/week on groceries, since putting her website into practice I have slashed that to $150/week.  My greatest advice is to pick 1-2 stores to shop at.  If you’re driving all over town that makes no sense, I’m sure even coupon mom would not recommend that!

It has definitely worked for me (and my bank account!!)
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Works-For-Me Wednesday

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Mouse was the most easygoing, mellow baby you’d ever meet. One of the moms in our group once commented, “I’ve never heard him cry!”

Well, those days are over. While the Librarian’s Rocky skipped over the Terrible Twos (only to rear its head as the Fearsome Fours), Mouse is definitely not taking that detour. Oh, the wailing! The histrionics! The drama! He responds fairly well to the “no audience, no behavior” approach, walking away from him where safe or turning my back where it’s not safe to walk away, but let me tell you, the tears get old very quickly.

He would like me to make a list of the current Tools of Baby Oppression being foisted upon him on a regular basis by the Evil Parents. They include:

  • Diaper changes
  • The car seat
  • Shoes
  • Bibs
  • The church nursery, specifically being left in the care of people who absolutely love and adore him and have known him his entire life
  • Taking away something he is holding, has just recently held, or might at some undetermined time in the future want to hold

He begs for your support and assistance in thwarting these continual injustices. Thank you.


My beloved elderly beagle, Scout, has injured her back. She needs to be confined to a small space until she heals, which is challenging. I’m not sure what’s worse–the injury, or her incessant complaining about it.


I started working on another graduate degree, an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College. This is a low-residency program, so twice a year (July and January) I travel to Vermont for an intensive 10-day residency and in between I correspond with my faculty advisor. I completely my first residency a couple of weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. I forgot how much work graduate school is, however. By December 9th I will have to have read 50-75 books, primarily for young adults and middle grade (9-12 year olds). Good thing I like reading.


The heat this summer is NOTHING like last summer. Thank GOD.


My brother the rocket scientist (no, really–he’s actually a rocket scientist) turned 40 this week. I can vividly remember as a child thinking that being 40 was pretty much akin to having one foot in the grave. Now I find myself thinking “40 is old??? Old is, like, 90.” Funny how our perceptions change.


Does anyone have a PedEgg? Do you like it? When I first heard of them it grossed me out (cheese grater for your feet!). But my feet are now in need of some serious attention and the pumice stone isn’t cutting it. I’m a little nervous though. I mean it’s got its own infomercial, so clearly it’s the best and most effective product available, but I’d hate to throw away 10 bucks (or whatever) on something that is going to make me nauseous as it doesn’t work.

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