Conveniently Green: Kitchen Spritzer

Sometimes non-stick cooking spray comes in so handy, but I hate the aerosol kind. First, it’s impossible to get the cap off and I end up spraying myself every time, second, the aerosol spray is just not Conveniently Green, and third, I always wonder what kind of chemicals end up on the pan along with the oil.

Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer

That’s why I adore my Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer. The Kitchen Spritzer works on a hand pump. You add your own oil, then pump the cap a few times, which builds up air pressure in the spritzer. Then when you hit the button, you get a fine mist just like with the aerosol cans. Not only is it environmentally friendly, you also can put whatever kind of oil you want in there with no chemical contaminants.

I use the spritzer for more than just a non-stick spray as well. I love to fill it with extra virgin olive oil and spray it over potato slices when I’m making oven fries. It’s just enough to crisp the outside without overloading the oil. You can use it wherever you need just a touch of oil, and as I said, since it’s your oil you know exactly what’s in there. And it’s not expensive, given how long you can just refill it!

You can order directly from the Pampered Chef website, but I would really encourage you to ask around your group of friends and see if anyone is a consultant, or use the “Find a Consultant” link on the Pampered Chef site. Many consultants are moms, and we moms gotta stick together and support each other!

The Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer: Conveniently Green, and works for me!

Works-For-Me Wednesday

2 Responses

  1. Ok…I thought the exact same thing and bought the Pampered Chef spritzer. It worked great for about a week but then it just started slowly spitting and dripping the oil. It came with another spray head and even that failed on me. I am still really disappointed because their products are all really well made and thought out. Maybe I just received a dud, I don’t know. How long have you been using yours?

  2. Julia,
    I’ve had it for several months and have not had that happen. Did you make sure to depressurize it after pumping it? You have to twist the cap and let out all the extra air when you’re done. I’d talk to my consultant if I were you–Pampered Chef does stand by their products and hopefully your consultant can help you. That’s really disappointing.

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