Conveniently Green: Kitchen Spritzer

Sometimes non-stick cooking spray comes in so handy, but I hate the aerosol kind. First, it’s impossible to get the cap off and I end up spraying myself every time, second, the aerosol spray is just not Conveniently Green, and third, I always wonder what kind of chemicals end up on the pan along with the oil.

Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer

That’s why I adore my Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer. The Kitchen Spritzer works on a hand pump. You add your own oil, then pump the cap a few times, which builds up air pressure in the spritzer. Then when you hit the button, you get a fine mist just like with the aerosol cans. Not only is it environmentally friendly, you also can put whatever kind of oil you want in there with no chemical contaminants.

I use the spritzer for more than just a non-stick spray as well. I love to fill it with extra virgin olive oil and spray it over potato slices when I’m making oven fries. It’s just enough to crisp the outside without overloading the oil. You can use it wherever you need just a touch of oil, and as I said, since it’s your oil you know exactly what’s in there. And it’s not expensive, given how long you can just refill it!

You can order directly from the Pampered Chef website, but I would really encourage you to ask around your group of friends and see if anyone is a consultant, or use the “Find a Consultant” link on the Pampered Chef site. Many consultants are moms, and we moms gotta stick together and support each other!

The Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer: Conveniently Green, and works for me!

Works-For-Me Wednesday

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I’m reading Eat, Pray Love right now and absolutely loving it.  What a fabulous story.  I’m hoping to finish it before the movie with Julia Roberts hits theaters.  While I’m not a very religious person by nature, I do miss having spirituality in my life.  The last time I was religious was in the second grade when my teacher, Mrs. Milam actually impressed me so much I wanted to become a nun!  28 years later I have no intention of becoming a nun, but I do think I will take Elizabeth Gilbert’s lead and begin my own spiritual path.


Speaking of movies that are coming out… did you know they are making a live-action Smurf movie starring the one, the only NPH (Niel Patrick Harris)?!?! I am so excited I can barely contain myself. My brotheer and I were so into the Smurfs that we had all the little action figures and made a Smurf village in our backyard complete with a pool, well and ski slope. I just really hope they don’t mess it up and keep the nostalgia of it. And come on… Hank Azaria as Gargamel? I’m still geeking out over it!”

My youngest son little C has started singing.  He sings (or hums) everything!  We’ll be in the car and even if he doesn’t know the words he’ll mumble to the tune as if he’s singing.  His favorite song to sing?  Poker Face by Lady Gaga.  I think its all the p’s.  It too stinkin cute.

ARRRRR! I'm Godzilla!

And since I’m talking about little C, he is obsessed with Godzilla!  Lucky for me there are over a dozen Godzilla movies on Netflix streaming.  I thought it would be too scary for him but he loves them.  We started with the old 1950’s version and he was hooked.  I’m a little shocked though, Godzilla is different in every movie, sometimes he’s the bad guy, and sometimes he’s the good guy.  I wish the Japanese would just make up their mind how they feel about him!