Review – Swim Ways Power Swimr


My little one was ready to jump off the diving board before he learned how to stand. He’d eye the all the big kids hopping in as we waded in the baby side of the pool. Thanks to Swim Ways Power Swimr (really, it’s their spelling, not mine), he was able to join the big kids before he was two! Here’s a recent video of him giving it a go.

The vest consists of two pockets (one as the front and one as the back) that hold several flotation pads in each pocket. As my son got better at swimming, I could take out pads to help him develop his swimming skills. The back of the box details how many pads to place in the back and the front pockets to help children develop that horizontal swimming position. There are three sizes, the largest fitting up to 80 pounds so chafing from the straps (two shoulder and one crotch) should not be an issue if sized correctly.

Full disclosure, the Power Swimr is not a coast guard approved vest. In terms of learning how to swim, I am not a fan of coast guard approved vests as they are super bulky and facilitate that action of swimming. They basically are made to keep a kid afloat. Having said this, I will emphasize that I always keep a close eye on my son when he is in the water not because I do not trust his vest, but because I know that the Power Swimr let’s him develop his fins and that he still is a guppy…an exuberant, water-loving guppy.

You can find the vest on their website, here.