If I Play By the Rules, You Should, Too!

My child is a tattletale. Oh the injustice of having to follow the rules when other kids aren’t cooperating! Why should they get away with bad behavior?

I can relate, as I was the pesky little sister who was always scolding my older brother and sister for doing what I knew they shouldn’t. Even as an adult, I can’t say I wouldn’t love to rat on that jerk who passes me on the shoulder in a traffic jam because, apparently, his/her time is more valuable than mine. Over there, police officer! Or how about that neighbor who doesn’t keep his dog on a leash and looks the other way when it poops on the beach. *#!*

I know being a snitch will not win Rocky friends and I try to explain this to him. But I also have to teach him that there are exceptions, like when someone is doing something dangerous or potentially damaging someone’s property. So far, my boy just gets confused and frustrated. He’s learning but it’s been trying for both of us.

And what about when he breaks the rules? For now, he even tells on himself. “Mommy,” he explains, “I ate that cookie before lunch even though you told me not to. Am I still in trouble? I told the truth!” What do I respond to that? Yes, you are still in trouble but the sentence is reduced to community service because you were honest?

I know the day is coming when he masters the art of being sneaky and I don’t look forward to it. As for the tattling, I’m hoping he figures it out before driving his new teacher, classmates and coaches bonkers.

Kindergarten looms. Wish us luck!

The Librarian

2 Responses

  1. Big E was a tattle-tail for quite sometime. It is frustrating, I remember him in second grade coming home crying because the other kids were mad at him. When I asked why they were mad at him, he responded “I told the teacher they were chewing gum. Mom, that’s against the rules!” You want to be proud that your child follows the rules, but you also don’t want them to be THAT child. Its definitely a hard lesson to teach. Hang in there!

  2. […] with me. Not the part about how Billy won’t stay in line or how Olivia is always interrupting. No tattling, remember? I want to know the parts that gave you glee, the stuff that surprised or confused you. […]

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