WFMW: Remembering Reusable Shopping Bags

Everyone knows that reusable shopping bags are an easy way to go Conveniently Green, right? The problem is, how do I remember to bring and use those bags? I have a big collection of various types of bags–canvas ones, free ones, ones I got gifts in, and so on, but I was consistently forgetting to 1) bring them back to the car, and 2) bring them into the store from the car. More than once I’ve had to abandon my shopping cart to run back and get my bags, and I will admit that quite a few times I’ve just gotten plastic bags even when my reusable bags were sitting in the car because I had Mouse with me or it was too big of a hassle to go back and get them (or too embarrassing!).

This is my tiny purse that fits into my diaper bag

I know a lot of people like the little nylon bags that turn themselves into tiny little capsules you fit in your purse, but I already have such a collection of various other bags I just don’t want to buy more. So I finally figured out a way to remember my bags, both out of the house and out of the car.

I simply place my purse and keys inside the bags after I empty them in the kitchen. I never leave the house without my purse and keys, and if they’re inside the bags, I never leave the house without the bags too! I leave my purse in there if I’m going to the store, I leave my purse in there (or place it in there at home) and again, never forget it going into the store either.

A reusable shopping bag tip for a scatterbrain like me? Works for me!
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