Selling Our Move

We just found out we’re moving.  We put an offer in months ago, and, finally, we received word that we’ll be closing in a few weeks.  It’s actually happening.  Yikes!  We’re finally going to be homeowners, instead of renters, which is awesome.  But, we have so, so much to do.  We are in a constant state of trying to figure out what to do next.  Do we clean the bathrooms or pack?  Go the paint store to look at color samples or do laundry?  Oh, yeah, and we have to prepare the girls. 

Bugster is so young that we can’t really prepare her.  For her, it’ll be a matter of working to make her comfortable as soon as possible once we move.  We’ll have her favorite stuffed animals out for her and her favorite books prominently displayed on the bookcase.  After a week or so, it should feel like normal.

The Big Cheese understands more.  To introduce the idea to her, we read her a book called Moving House.  It’s written for preschoolers, and it explains moving at their level.  Once we went through that book a few times, we told The Big Cheese that we were going to move to a new house.  As expected, we received the standard 3-year-old response: “I don’t want to.” 

Now, we had to start thinking like a 3-year-old.  What would be her favorite parts of our new house?  It has a community pool.  That has to be a hit, right?  So, we tell her there’s a pool.  There’s a big smile and some excitement.  NOW, we’re getting somewhere.  But the smile started to fade pretty quickly, as she began asking if she’d have to swim by herself or if we could swim with her.  So, to keep her excitement level up, we pulled out the only other big card we had.  We told her that the new house has two potties.  (Being recently potty trained, potties are very important in her world.  And, we currently have only one bathroom.)  She thought that was funny and started to laugh.  Then, she asked if we could bring her little potty (aka potty chair) to the new house, too.  I told her we would, and that sealed it.  She was now officially excited to move to a new house.  Thank goodness for the simple joys of preschoolers!

Her excitement level goes up and down, and I imagine that will be the case even after we move.  She is worried about who will live here after we move out, and whether there will be a little girl here who will need The Big Cheese’s potty.  She’s really excited about the pool, though, so we’re glad it’s summer — we can get a lot of mileage out of talking that up!

The next several weeks will be crazy!  I’ll post again when I can find my computer through the rubble of boxes and paper.


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