This Mom's Secret Weapon

Every mom has a secret weapon in her arsenal.  Mine?  A cleaning product called Nature’s Miracle.  It’s not something that I have to use very often, thankfully, but when I do, I am so happy to have it in my cupboard.  Nature’s Miracle is a stain and odor remover, and it is marketed to pet owners for removing the smell of pet urine.  I don’t have any pets, but I consider it an essential item in our house.  See, when The Big Cheese was a baby, she vomited all over our microfiber couch.  Water leaves spots on the couch, so I was at a total loss as to how to clean it – and on how to remove the smell.  I spent a lot of time online, reading message boards about how to remove odors, and Nature’s Miracle kept popping up. 

I quickly discovered that it is available at pet stores, so off I went to my local chain pet store.  I balked at the price for a minute (it’s not exactly cheap, but I am!), and then I realized that it was better than having to throw out our couch.  Skeptically, I bought it and brought it home.  And, it worked!  Our couch was odor free!  Finally!

I have had a few more vomit incidents since then, and it has yet to fail me.  It may take multiple applications, but it has always worked.  I’ve used it on our vinyl padded high chair, the mesh Pack n Play, on pillows and carpet, and on the couch, again.  And, I still have half a bottle.

The other really cool thing about this product is that it is safe around children.  The product label says it uses natural enzymes to break down the odor-causing product, and that it doesn’t just mask the odor with perfumes.  The short ingredient list backs up their claims: Water, Nature’s Enzymes, Isopropyl Alcohol, Natural Citrus Scent.  Nothing scary in it! 

My only complaint about Nature’s Miracle is that the manufacturer hasn’t figured out that it should be marketed to moms.   I have no doubt they could sell a ton if it were on the shelves at Babies R Us – and it would save me a special trip to the pet store.


2 Responses

  1. We use another version called Simple Solution but it’s the same thing–an enzymatic cleaner. We started using it with the dogs, but boy are you right on how it picks up baby spills! I really think the best part is that it combats the bacteria itself, not just covers up the smell, and I’ve never had it lift color or anything. I’ve also used it for spilt milk and never got a sour smell! It works for any protein-based spill.

  2. I LOVE this stuff! I do have pets and it was very useful to clean the carpet where he had an accident etc., but now with kids too, it has multiple uses. You’re right, they should market to moms, they would have this flying off the shelves!

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