"Oh Woe is Me," said the 12-year-old!

It’s officially summertime!  In years past I would yell loudly, yayyyy!!!  Last summer was a blast, we had passes to the local water park and we were there at least twice a week.  This year is a little different.  I opened up a photography studio 4 weeks ago.  Having a brick and mortar store is extremely scary.  You have to make your overhead, period.  Before when I was working out of my house, if I had a slow couple of weeks, no problem!  If I wanted to take 4 days out of the week to go out with my kids, no problem!  Not the case now, I have a need to perform business model, yikes!

So back to summer.  Little C is content, he has his summer school and loves it, he only goes twice a week which puts the pressure on big time for me to book all my sessions in two days.  The problem lies with Big E, he’s twelve.  It took all of 2 weeks for the novelty of the studio to wear off.  Before he was all “Can I have a summer job and work for money”, to “Do I have to go?”  I mean come on… its 2 days a week?  Is it really so terrible to spend 5 hours at a studio making $8/hour twice a week?  Maybe its the age, I don’t know, but he would be perfectly happy spending 14 hours a day on his computer.  But of course there is no way I’m going to allow that!

The thing that gets me, is that I can plan a super fun day, have one of his friends over, sleepover, give him the moon, it still isn’t enough.  He wants to be entertained every minute of every day or else he wants on the computer.  It baffles me so much.  What happened to the days when kids would just go outside in summer and play?  Take the bike out and explore the neighborhood.  I feel like computers and video games have robbed some of our youth of activity.

So here’s my question to all you Gen X Moms readers, what is there for a 12 year old boy to do, that isn’t a fortune?

The PhotoAddict

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  1. I’m afraid I’m no help, because my boy is only 7, but I can say that I totally identify with you! He seems to need me to tell him what to do, or do it with him. I worry that maybe I’ve spent TOO much time with him over the years. Yikes. The other day I shouted at him “Why don’t you go outside and build something!”

  2. Rocky is 4 and already wants computer time every day. We thought briefly about Wii because he played at a relative’s house and LOVED it and was so cute. But then I pictured him not wanting to do anything else and so told relatives, no video games for xmas please. I can’t imagine how it must be with older kids carrying cell phones and ipods, doing fb and basically avoiding face to face communication. Sad. Big E is a sweet kid. He just needs a hobby. Maybe you can brainstorm ideas with him and encourage? Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

  3. Hmm, you could always look into a season pass for Knotts or Soak City, assuming of course that his friends have them as well. My sis-in-law got these for her 14 year olds (but i guess there is a big jump from 12 to 14 huh?). Stub-hub has cheap baseball tix – we went as a family last friday and paid 5$ a ticket.
    Alas, my stepson (15) is all about the computer. It’s a hard pattern to change at this stage, as that was what his parents allowed as a child and now it’s almost not worth fighting it, as it gets to be such a battle sometimes (and yes, i hate that that is what it has resorted to). So needless to say, i’ll be delaying the computer games for K as long as i possibly can. I have a feeling most of the fight will start with family members who will want to buy that crap for him (like the daddy-man).
    There’s day camps and sports camps, but i think those can get a bit pricey. What about activities through the city? Parks and Rec?

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