To Dads, With Love

Since tomorrow is Father’s Day, we here at Gen X Moms Blog wanted to take the time to acknowledge all you dads out there.  

To our children’s fathers, we salute you.  Don’t get us wrong: there are days we loathe you.  After all, you supplied the other half of our children’s DNA.  If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t be anyone running around the house “decorating” the walls – with our tubes of lipstick.  And, if it weren’t for you, there would be no one sitting at our table in the restaurant screaming at the top of their lungs.  In fact, if it weren’t for you, we’d be at work right now, in an office, taking the abuse of an overbearing boss – but at least that boss would be a peer, not someone thirty-plus years younger! 

But, those days really are the rare ones.  There are so many days we are so grateful to you just for fathering our children.  You gave us the most precious gift a woman could ask for.  A child of our own.  Without you, we wouldn’t be moms.  Every time our children hug us, we have you to thank [at least partially]. 

And, we would be remiss for not thanking you for the entertainment you provide us on a daily basis.  Yes, we claim we are laughing with you when you put the baby’s diaper on backwards – but we are also laughing at you.  We love to see you in your element, becoming a human jungle gym in the middle of the living room and playing airplane in the backyard.  It makes us smile to see you lose, time after time, at Candy Land and checkers.

Thank you for what you do to make our lives easier.  Thank you for taking out the garbage night after night, even though you didn’t put those smelly diapers in it.  Thank you for the nights you know that takeout is in order when you hear the exhaustion in our voices.  Thank you even more for offering to pick up said takeout. 

To our own fathers, thank you, too.  Thank you for helping shape us in to the smart, sassy, independent women we are today.  Thanks for helping us learn to stand on our own two feet and for teaching us what it means to truly love your child.

Now, here are some personal tributes to our own dads.  Feel free to comment with your own favorite memories with your dad or your own tributes.

From The Librarian: 

Though he never had much interest in sports, my dad taught me how to play chess at a young age, shared his love of music with us and provided us with many resources he did not have growing up. In fact, our house boasted one of the very first Apple home computers and an early model VHS VCR. Boy was that thing HUGE compared to now. I think the first movie I owned (presented by Santa Claus) was the Outsiders which I LOVED and was so excited to watch to my heart’s content. He also took us out to eat often, something he never got to do until he was an adult and he made sure we had at least one awesome family vacation each year. Whenever a big blockbuster movie like one of the Star Wars trilogy or ET came out on a Friday, he took us out of school early so we could get a good spot in line (anyone remember when you could only see a movie at the theater?) on the very first day the movie came out. Not many parents I knew were doing this, it was a treat. Even though I was one of four kids, he made time to spend just with me, often going to see awful movies like Goonies three times. In fact, I attended my first concert with Dad. I’m embarrassed to say it was Hall and Oates but we had a good time. Happy Father’s Day and thanks for the great memories, Dad!

From The Legal Eagle: 

My dad died when I was 14, so we didn’t have nearly enough time together.  However, he filled my childhood with a lot of happiness.  I have a lot of wonderful memories of him – all the Braves games we attended, the vacations we went on, all the Police Academy movies we watched together.  His death reminds me that every day I have with my own children is a gift.  I love you, Daddy, and miss you immensely.  I wish my girls could have met you.  They would love you as much I do.  Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

To all you Gen X Dads, take tomorrow to relax.  Hug your kids.  Play with them.  And, if you don’t mind, the diaper pail needs to be emptied.

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