Give Yourself a Break

Has this happened to you?

Since I became a mom, one of the reoccurring themes I keep hearing from other moms is the constant worry of failure. Am I good enough? Why does every other mom seem to have a better handle on things than me? Why can’t I keep the house cleaner? Why can’t I get my kid to behave like the other kids? What if my fears rub off on my child? Will my mistakes scar my child for life? Should I feel guilty for not wanting to be with my child every second? The list goes on. 

No amount of schooling prepares you for parenting and you don’t get glowing peer reviews to reassure you of your worth. For anyone who had a successful career before staying home with children, this is a particularly difficult adjustment. I know what I am missing and even though I am happy with my decision overall, there have been days of self-doubt. One former career woman I know jokingly remembers that she was “a god” at her company. People came to her for the answers. She had them and it felt great. When you are up to your ears in poopy diapers or dealing with a sassy toddler on a daily basis, it is all too easy to lose confidence and long for the days when you really did have the answers. 

To all of you who feel this way – give yourself a break. Just as everybody plays the fool, every mom makes mistakes. Swap stories with other moms (or dads) and you will see – there simply is no exception to the rule.  

Please share one of your mishaps so others will see that this is true. (If you are on our homepage, you have to click on the big black quote mark next to the title to leave a comment.) One of mine was when I left my toddler alone with the diaper bag. He found some Tums and proceeded to chow down. My doctor made me call poison control (yikes, there is a record of this somewhere) but, fortunately, it was nothing to worry about. Funny but my mom remembers me doing the same thing with Bugs Bunny vitamins!

The Librarian

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  1. Oh boy, can I relate! I think the worst fiasco was when we were traveling in Germany. I overestimated my ability to carry both the baby and the stroller onto a train. To make a long story short, we ended up leaving two bags on the platform which Train Guy had to go back to get and Mouse and I took the 6-hour train trip by ourselves, with no money because we forgot that part in the chaos, and no idea if Train Guy was going to meet us at the end or not. Luckily it turned out okay, but that was a lesson learned for sure!

  2. Well, The Big Cheese is scarred for life. She got stitches in her face, right next to her lip, when she was only 18 months old. She fell out of a kiddie chair and hit her face on the leg of another chair that was nearby. The reason I’m sharing this story here, though, is because it wasn’t my fault. It was an accident. There was nothing I could ahve done to prevent it. I beat myself up — and cried — about the incident for months. But accidents happen, and even though moms are god-like, we aren’t gods. We are human, and mistakes — and accidents — happen.

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