Digital Scrapbooking + Giveaway!

If you’re a regular reader of the Gen X Moms Blog, than you know that I am vigilant on helping moms like you DO SOMETHING with all their photos.  So hopefully by now you’ve edited your photos down to the photos you want to create an album with.

I absolutely LOVE the Heritage Makers line of products.  With a Premiere membership, you get unlimited photo storage.  YES, unlimited.  That means that if your computer crashes and you lose everything, your photos are safe and sound in your premiere account.  The basic account is free and your get 2 Gigs of storage.  The basic account allows you to create all the same products and have access to template, but the Premiere member has the mother-load of templates, artwork and discounts on products.  I highly recommend purchasing a Premiere account.  The cost is $19.95/mo for a Premiere but there are always specials going on, so be sure to email me for the best price if your interested.

Okay.  You upload your photos onto their server.  Now its time to create a product.  For this article’s purpose we’ll create a 5×5 album.  Its simple, you “Create a New Project”, select either start from scratch or select a template.  I like selecting a template because I’m lazy.  I select a template for a 5×5 album and open the project in the studio software.  This online program allows you to digitally “scrapbook”, complete with embellishments, papers, quotes, and so much more.  I’ve tried other companies, and trust me, this is the BEST!  After putting all the photos in, customizing text and previewing it (don’t forget this vital step!) you simply press “publish”.  Voila!  A beautiful book is mailed to you for all to enjoy.

For more detailed information on the Studio Software please visit the You Tube channel for Heritage Makers.

What’s even more exciting it that once you’ve created your book, you can even purchase copies for grandma and grandpa.  They have other products too, like jewelry, customizable playing cards, greetings cards and so much more.

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Sprouts Storybooking will be giving away a FREE 5×5 storybook credit (a $34.95 value).  To enter, post a comment for the following:
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