The Randomosity that Happens on Tuesday

It’s Random Thoughts Tuesday.

So how do you like our new digs? I think this whole move to our own url is a bigger excitement behind the scenes than it is for you, dear readers. Our old blog was hosted on the free WordPress site and it served us well, lo these many months, but the free part of the free WordPress site was limiting for what we want to do and the vision we have of the future. A vision that includes world domination, eradication of hunger, and flying cars for everyone. Everyone! But also a vision that includes a lot of fun stuff we want to do with the blog starting with our own swanky url. Do you like it? Set your bookmarks! Still, this switch has not been without some pain.
I think the biggest thing that bums me out is that our Giveaway got lost in the flurry of activity this past week. I mean, take a look at these beautiful hair pins. These can be yours, and entry is simple. Go to the bottom of this post and leave some comments to enter. The contest is still ongoing and the field is wide open! Even if you don’t have long hair, I bet you have a friend or relative who does. Imagine the delight on her (or his–we don’t judge at Gen X Moms) face when you present a handcrafted gift that looks like you paid a lot of money for that in fact you got for free by leaving a comment on this blog you like to read. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! This is the post you want.


Here’s another painful thing–I can’t preview this post. I either get an error that says the post cannot be found–which dude, I can tell you where to find the post: the draft file, or that I don’t have access to previewing posts and okay seriously? SERIOUSLY? I’m the ADMINISTRATOR!!! If I don’t have permission, who the hell does??? Growing pains…growing pains…digging into the technical files tomorrow…


And more pain is this intractable heartburn I’ve been having that I finally got around to doing something about. I was diagnosed with reflux (GERD) like a gazillion years ago and have been taking a purple pill which worked fine until recently, when it stopped working. Why? I don’t know. My doctor suspects it might be an ulcer. Apparently ulcers are caused by a bacteria and the test for an ulcer no longer involves sticking a camera down your throat, thank god. It was a breathing test, so I had to breathe into a special plastic bag, then drink something that tasted suspiciously like the orange drink they give you for your glucose tolerance test while pregnant, and after waiting 15 minutes, breathe into another plastic bag. I kind of find this test a bit disconcerting because blowing into plastic bags for heartburn doesn’t quite seem right. But at least it didn’t involve blood or sedatives. Follow-up appointment is Thursday–I know you’ll be on the edges of your seat waiting for the results. You’ll have to become a friend on Facebook, which conveniently earns you an entry into the hair pin giveaway! Yes, that’s right–come for the ulcer test results, stay for the hair pins!


On a better note, Mouse has spontaneously started using sign language. I attempted to teach him a few simple signs several months ago, but after repeating “More? More? Would you like More? More?” I felt like an idiot for talking to myself and dropped the whole project two months ago. Then last week after I thought he was done eating, I took off his highchair tray and reached for his bib when I realized he was totally signing “More.” After I collected my jaw from the floor, I gave him a couple of Kix, which he ate. He then signed More again and I gave him individual Kix just to see if he would continue to do it. He did, but then I started feeling like I was training a dog, so I gave him a handful and let him go to town. After most were gone, I asked him if he wanted more (“More? More? Would you like More? More?”) and he stopped doing the sign, so I took it all away and he was perfectly happy.

I’m kind of afraid to find out what else he’s been harboring in his brain for months.


Oh, an addition after I posted! Burning question–WHAT DO I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY??? Yes, my birthday is coming up, and I have no idea what I want for it. Going out to dinner sounds nice but it’s falling a little flat in my brain for some reason. Jewelry is out because Mr. Grabby McGrabster won’t leave anything alone. What do I want? Leave your suggestions in the comments by clicking on the comment bubble up top.

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9 Responses

  1. Hooray for sign language. You never know what they remember.

    Yesterday, I was playing “babies and doctors and mommies” with my 3 yearold, and I, as the doctor, asked her if anything hurt. She said, “My uterus.” Guess going to all those prenatal visits with me has done something to her brain.

  2. New digs are gorgeous! Though I had a hard time figuring out how to leave a comment. Took me a while to figure out it was the groovy little bubble. But maybe I’m just slow.

    Love those hair pins!

    Sorry about your GERD. I just like typing GERD. Well, and I really am sorry about it. Hope you don’t have an ulcer. Yikes. You never hear about people getting ulcers anymore. I remember when I was a kid, they told people to drink heavy cream to soothe their ulcers. And then those guys all died of heart attacks and no one knew why.

  3. Aww! Go, Mouse! My son wasn’t an early talker and I sometimes felt foolish talking to myself all the time. But they do store things. One day my non-talker picked up two letter blocks, M and E, put them together and said “ME”. I thought it a fluke but he did it again with U and P. I was like “okay, what else is going on in that head that I don’t know about?”. Now he talks incessantly, but at least I have an idea of what he’s thinking.

  4. ooo…that’s the bacteria Laura had that really messed her up. I’m thinkin of you and hoping for clear test results…sometimes the purple pill can quit working. Maybe you just need a different one?

    And for your birthday you want a trip to a spa…and you want to take your good friend with you………
    no? I tried. Still, let’s do lunch to celebrate!

  5. A gift certificate to the spa for a massage! It’s my go-to gift from hubby every holiday now, which i appreciate! You can never go wrong there! FYI – If you want to drive out to Corona, you get in FREE on your birthday! That’s where i’ll be on the 20th! Can’t beat free!

  6. I think you want Karaoke night! You can live out all your American Idol dreams and if there’s enough adult beverages, you can live out your SYTYCD dreams too!

  7. I love the hair pins!!Consider me entered

    My kids always freak me out by remembering random stuff i.e. “remember when Daddy tripped and fell and said F$%CK”

    Love the new site!

    For your birthday what about a spa day, or a movie and relaxing in a starbucks or something by yourself for some alone time?

  8. How about a birthday message! Trip to Mom’s for dinner?

  9. Excited about all your plans for the site…my daughter would love the hairpins…good luck with your test results…for your birthday…massage/facial/relaxing dinner/overnight away with hubby/breakfast in bed/no laundry for a week!

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