Rambling Thoughts III

Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba

What does this look like to you?

Does anyone else think Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba too closely resembles a sex toy or is it just my warped mind? I can just picture the creators laughing their butts off about how they snuck this one past the censors.

Speaking of children’s shows, thumbs down on the Nick Jr. show called Oobi. Talk about low production value, instead of puppets they use actual hands with plastic eyes stuck on them as the characters. The show is only on late at night which makes me wonder just who is watching this channel after ten? My son likes the Upside Down Show which features two geeky Aussie guys doing improv. He imitates their skits and laughs hysterically. I am not a fan of the show but I like that it makes him laugh so hard.

The Scrivener and I went to a live taping of American Idol last week. On our way to the theater, we blasted our Glee music in the car with the windows rolled down. We are hip in our own minds.

Pierce, I love you. Please don't sing.

My nomination for worst singer in a movie musical is… Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia. I saw this movie the other day and it was painful watching him try and hit those notes. If you mute the parts where he sings and just look at him, it almost works. But perhaps my childhood fav, Rick Springfield, would have been a better choice.

Recently I was taking a walk with Rocky (age 4) when we saw a house under construction. I explained to him that the filling in the walls was called insulation. He looked at me and asked, “Is it fiberglass insulation?” I honestly had to read the label to verify. Of course, then he went on to explain how it works. Who is teaching who here?

My husband, brother and I took Rocky to the Bass Pro Shop this weekend. I don’t hunt, camp(much) or fish but this outdoor superstore is AWESOME. Who needs a park, Rocky “drove” us on several party boats, we “rode” on dirt bikes, hung out in a big tent and he and his dad took a turn on a simulated race car. I got some cute new tops and a cool hat and we enjoyed some fudge at the fudge shop there. The toy section is fun, too. It’s all pop guns and Davy Crockett hats, bug kits and the like. Okay, the toy deer heads were a little creepy. Check out the description for it as displayed on their web site:

Inspire your child’s imagination by adding a new friend to the playroom or bedroom wall! This Bass Pro Shops Plush Deer Wall Headmount resembles the real thing, but its soft fur and harmless stuffed rack makes it much more approachable! Perfect for the young outdoorsman who wants to become a hunter like his dad or mom! 18”W x 18”H. Imported.

Makes a fun gift for the hunter-to-be!

There you go. The perfect gift! That and the camuflage bedding for your baby girl. Start’em young! If you can overlook stuff like that, a visit to this place is a great way to spend the afternoon.

On a serious note, RIP to all those who gave their lives defending this blessed country of ours. America has its problems but we are all lucky to be a part of it. Thank you to our fallen soldiers and their families for the ultimate sacrifice. We will remember you.

The Librarian

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7 Responses

  1. I hate Oobi (that foot guy is bizarre!) and The Upside Down Show. I also think Muno looks like a vibrator…textured for *Her* pleasure.

  2. Nathan LOVES the Upside Down Show, STILL.

    I have thought about begging the creators to make new ones, as there are only about 7 episidos in rotation, and even I can now act out every one.

    Along the same lines of the outdoors superstores being fun places to spend the day, Petco’s and Petsmarts are also good rainy day/need to get out of the house or lose my mind activities. For the longest time i had my kids convinced it was the zoo

  3. Hmmm…I might have to checkout the Upside Down Show myself. My nephew watches Yo Gabba Gabba a lot. I liked the one with jack Black, although his outfit kind of creeped me out!

  4. I can’t stand watching YGG for that exact reason! I mean, couldn’t they have made him a color other than red??? He looks like an inflamed member with a very bad rash…..

  5. I never got into YGG. But it kind of reminds me of the controversy over one of the teletubbies.

    Happy RTT,

  6. I actually love Yo Gabba Gabba and I am 100% convinced it’s no accident that Muno is textured for her pleasure. Whenever the opening song comes on, instead of singing “Muno! He’s tall and friendly…” I sing “Muno! Looks like a dildo…”

    I should probably stop that. Mouse seems to be picking up what I’m saying these days. He’s not parroting much, but that’s exactly what I need when Grandma comes over: “Dildo! Dildo!” Or later, “Let’s watch Dildo!”

    Incidentally, I think YGG is loaded with Gen X-ness as well. Atari video games, anyone? I also don’t think it’s an accident that one of the characters is named Tootie, like from The Facts of Life.

  7. Please don’t make me want to have sex with a yo Gabba Gabba doll. 🙂

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