Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Call me sappy but today is my mom’s birthday and this one is for her.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

The Librarian's Mom

I love you, Mom!

For all the times you wiped my tears,
For letting go despite your fears,
For giving me self-confidence,
And teaching me some common sense,
For gifting me such a wonderful start,
I thank you, Mom, with all my heart .

You showed me what I needed in life
To be a strong woman and a good wife.
My sense of humor I gained from you.
It still helps me when I’m feeling blue.

Now I am a mother, I walk in your shoes.
You set the example, I know what to do!

Have a fabulous birthday, dear Mother, I’ll be thinking of you!
With love from your favorite (c’mon, isn’t this true?).

– Angel

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Aw! Happy Birthday Librarian’s Mom!

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