American Idol: Departure, Tickets, Lunch, Celebrities

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We left more or less when we wanted to, but there was tons of traffic. Luckily Kelly got there an hour earlier and gave the line control dude the Sad Face, so he let her keep her spot in line (more or less) while she waited for us to show up. Whilst waiting for us she talked to people who were from Nebraska and Maine just for AI and were surprised that they might not get tickets (they did). And some women who mistakenly didn’t realize they were only seeing the rehearsal show.
American Idol Fans

American Idol fans

Moraga Moms

Moraga Moms in line with us

We scored tickets in row T, orchestra!

Lunch and a couple of beers at the Yard House

Lunch and a couple of beers at the Yard House.

Making two more grammatically incorrect signs. Look for us! We’ll have to ditch the electronics to go into the theater soon.

Lots of AI contestants
Justin Guarini, Brooke White, Big Mike, Allison Iraheta, Elliott Yamin