American Idol: How Did We Get Tickets?

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Yes, you read that correctly! On Tuesday, The Scrivener and The Librarian are going to see the final performance show of American Idol.

Of course you’re jealous. You should be.

I’m jealous of myself.

So I’ll answer the obvious question first–how did you get tickets? Tickets for American Idol (and several other shows including So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars) are available through On Camera Audiences. Incidentally, if you’re on vacation in Los Angeles and want something fun and authentic to do, attend the taping of a tv show!

Popular shows like American Idol have a waiting list on OCATV, so you just put your email address into the waiting list and, well, wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. If I remember correctly, I put my name in for American Idol in September. Once your name comes up to the top of the list, OCATV sends you an email with a link to print out a voucher for the show. The trick is–the email comes roughly the Wednesday before the Tuesday taping, and if you miss it, you get put back at the end of the line. That’s what happened to me at So You Think You Can Dance last season.

When you click your link, you get a voucher for up to 4 tickets. There are more vouchers than seats, so you then have to show up at the studio and wait in line and seats are given out first-come, first-served. There is a strict dress code (or as the extensive single-spaced email says, DRESS CODE IN EFFECT! YOUR ADMITTANCE DEPENDS ON IT) (seriously, they put it in all caps like that, so it must be REALLY IMPORTANT) which basically involves dressing “hip and upscale” or “like you’re going out for a nice dinner.” Apparently the only people who get to wear the homemade “I love so-and-so” t-shirts emblazened with photos are the friends and family members.

I’m wearing a coral-colored spring dress I bought for my cousin’s wedding. Cause I know you were wondering.

Ryan Seacrest, you irritate the crap out of me

So Tuesday morning, the Librarian and I will join my young, hip friends Diana and Kelly to see American Idol. The email indicated that I could get vouchers for the finale show on Wednesday OR the rehearsal of the finale show, which is all of the performers from the finale “including Ryan Seacrest” as if that were some kind of draw (Ryan Seacrest is my least favorite part of AI) OR the contestant performance show (live) with the judge’s comments. I decided on the performance show, and it’s a good thing I made a quick decision because shortly afterwards, all the vouchers were gone.

My friend Kelly desperately wants to bring a sign, which,according to the single-spaced email should be NO BIGGER THAN 3 X 4 AND NO LOGOS OR ADS (so much for my big plug for Gen X Moms). I’m torn. What should said sign say? Kelly insists that whatever it says, it needs to include some kind of egregious grammatical error, like:



or the old standby, CRYSTAL, YOUR THE BEST

So what about you, blog readers? Are you on Team Crystal or Team Lee? If you could bring a sign, what would it say?

And keep an eye on this space for a full report after we get back home!

Who will it be?

The Scrivener