It’s Fun to Play at the YMCA

Need a break from the kids? Check out your local YMCA. Mine has been a godsend for me. The prices are reasonable and they have this wonderful place called the Kid Zone where you can drop your kids off for up to 2 hours while you exercise. I can do Pilates in peace and my boy has a great time visiting with the other children and playing both indoors and out. He has become so familiar with the staff that he is like Norm walking into the Cheers bar. Everybody knows his name. I’m just glad he is having fun so I can be comfortable leaving him there while I take classes.

Swimming at the YMCA

Swimming at the YMCA

My YMCA primarily serves families and senior citizens. This is great because I feel in my element with fellow moms and dads. For a small fee (some are even free with membership) Rocky can participate in plenty of kid classes geared towards his age group. He’s tried basketball, soccer and t-ball. They even have a class that introduces kids to all three. We have also dropped in on Mommy and Me dance classes which are pretty funny. The teacher of this class says Rocky is the only child to make it all the way through the class without quitting. Usually it ends with only the moms dancing but this kid can hold his own.

Rocky currently takes swim classes in the wonderful heated pool on the premises. He’s not sure if he likes it yet but the instructor is very patient with him as he gives long-winded explanations about why he doesn’t want to float or put his head under the water.

As for me, I am free to take any of the classes on the roster and can swim whenever they have open swim hours. I don’t swim but it’s nice to know that I have the option. They offer everything from yoga to zumba (a Latin dance class) to spinning and I am not tied to any particular schedule. I just go whenever it’s convenient for me. I don’t fret about missing any classes. I just take an alternate class at another time or on a different day. On the rare occasion I’m feeling ambitious (or feeling guilty after eating too many pieces of cake) I can stay for two classes. Or I can simply use the equipment in the gym which is another plus.

Just for visiting you can get a free one or two week pass to try it out. My YMCA also has a friend referral program that I have used to get a free month’s membership. Going through tough financial times? Your family may qualify for financial assistance. They also offer YMCA memberships to eligible military families and personnel who may not have access to a nearby military facility.

The YMCA’s mission is “to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all”. It is a non-profit organization that contributes to the communities it serves which is awesome.  I can feel good about using the gym because I’m also supporting a larger cause.  Works for me!

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I would definitely describe myself as a patient person.  If someone is driving slow in front of me I usually just slow down as well unless I’m late for something.  I also have no problem waiting in lines at the grocery store, at the gas station or even the bank.  It doesn’t bug me like it does most people.  Maybe its because I’m genuinely a laid back person.  But there is one thing that absolutely infuriates me, when you are in a large crowd and everyone is walking forward and the one person that is in front of you STOPS.  Why do they do this?  Do they not see or notice that they are in a people highway and that the proper thing to do is to pull out of traffic if they need to stop?  I wouldn’t slam on the brakes on the 5 freeway to have a look at the store next to the highway, why is this any different?  I think I need to start issuing tickets.


What is it about MTV crap television shows that suck me in like heroine?  Its like I know deep down inside that I am way too old for this crappy television programming, however I just can’t seem to take it out of my DVR.  Yes I do know who LC, Snookie and bad girl Kristin are.  It’s such terrible TV that I wont let my 12 year old watch it, but I keep going back for more.  What’s even worse is I find myself talking about them to some of my friends as if I actually know them!  It drives my husband crazy, if there’s one surefire way to get him to leave the room, its to put an episode of the Hills on.


My son’s room is ALWAYS messy.  I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.  We have tried everything except cleaning it ourselves.  In fact, when he went away for the weekend about 6 months ago we gutted the room so he could start from scratch.  I don’t understand why its so hard to put something away.  If it has a place, put it back.  I was a very messy girl, I remember making trails from the door to my bed so my mom could tuck me in at night, I can only hope he will outgrow it like I did.

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