What’s In Your Purse?

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When is the last time you emptied your purse (or diaper bag as the case may be)?  I try to empty mine at least once a month but try is the operative word here.  Doesn’t always happen!  Whenever it’s been longer than that, Rocky and I like to make a game of it.  We just never know what treasures we will rediscover in mommy’s purse.  Here are just some of the things we found this week: 

  • Purple Mardi Gras beads we got from a parade in Disneyland several months back
  • A green toy dragon with one of its wings missing
  • An extra diaper (Rocky doesn’t wear diapers anymore!)
  • Stale, half-eaten cereal bar (eww)
  • Mickey Mouse pez dispenser
  • Extra ear buds for my iPod
  • Stamps!  (I knew I had some somewhere)
  • A coupon for a free breakfast at Chick-fil-a (score!)
  • A business card for a piano tuner (hey, I’ve been looking for that!)
  • A sorry-looking toy car without one of its wheels (why on earth did I keep this?)
  • Random plastic caps (to what I have no idea)
  • A bag of Chuck E. Cheese tokens (no wonder my purse was so heavy!)
  • A cool hand sanitizer pen I didn’t even know I had
  • Broken crayons that have been discoloring the inside of the purse (doh!)
  • Expired Neosporin (oops)
  • Clips and hair bands of various shapes and sizes (my hair is shorter now)
  • Baby hairbrush (no babies here)
  • Gorgeous postcards promoting Sprouts photography (shameless plug  – check it out)
  • Small flash drive containing Ben Folds Five music that my sister-in-law gave me (JACKPOT!)

    Things found in a mom's purse

    Things found in a mom's purse

I confess I just put that last thing in a few days ago but it was still a nice find.  Maybe I should leave it in there so I can discover it again next month!  Too bad Let’s Make a Deal isn’t on anymore.  I’m ready. 

BONUS TIP:  This is random and nothing to do with today’s post but I just wanted to pass on this tip I got from an uncle who works as a flight attendant.   Check this out if you have plans to fly with a young child in the future.  http://www.kidsflysafe.com/ 

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