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I’m a mom, I think by now that goes without saying.  I am also married to a wonderful man, in fact, we just celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss this past Sunday.  We love to entertain and host parties, which usually consists of our married friends, not all of them have children, but most do have significant others.  I do miss one thing about these parties/get-togethers… my single friends.

Yes, I am 34, married and I have single friends.  Some of them over 10 years younger than me!  Why are my single friends so important to me?  Let me explain.  As a mom, sometimes you get a little relaxed.  You know what I’m talking about, maybe you’ve worn your hair back in a ponytail for over a week, the t-shirt stained with baby spit-up seems to be your daily uniform and your average conversation always seems to come full circle back to your kids.  I live in that reality everyday, and while I love my children and my family, it can get a bit, well… monotonous.

Now, my single friends on the other hand are on the prowl.  They keep their bodies tight,  their clothes oh so fashionable, and they could care less about children.  They don’t truly care whether or not little C is behind in his speech, or if Big E is doing well on his transition between elementary school and Junior High.  And to be honest, I find it very refreshing and humbling to be around people like that.  I so enjoy my nights out with my single friends.  It keeps me on my toes, I make sure I have the trendy outfit so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb and scream that I’m the married mom of the group.  It makes me remember to wax my eyebrows so that it doesn’t look like I have those black fuzzy caterpillars growing above my eyes, to cover the gray hair that started back when I was 25 and to dust off the cute high heels I once used to wear to show off my butt.  In a nutshell, it keep me on my game, which essentially keeps my husband a happy man.

I think every mom needs single friends.  And I’m not talking about the single, stay home and love their cats single girl, I’m talking about the single, hot, friday club going friends that keep you young and in-tune of what is cool.  I am pretty hip to begin with, and maintaining my friendship with my single friends keeps me there.  Just because they’re single doesn’t mean when you go out with them you need to be worried about other guys.  A good friend knows your taken and wont make you feel uncomfortable.  I have the best single friends in the world, and to be honest… I just might be sad when they get snatched up and hitched!

So lets all raise a martini glass and say cheers to those friends that are NOT plus one.

The Photo Addict

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  1. Hi, I found your blog via BlogTrepreneur, from your comment on Top 50 Mommy Blogs. Interesting post.

  2. I appreciate your artilce because it is giving a different perspective to having single hot friends. I don’t have many single friends and I think it’s because after getting into mommy mode I am a little intimidated by those hip, young women. Good for you for having such great friends 🙂

  3. Wow photo addict, you’re post is kind of harsh and not to mention selfish. Maybe your littleC wouldn’t have speech problems if you stopped hanging out with ur single friends and focused on your children more. What a way to diss your family, friends, people that are married with kids or not. I think you need the brutally honest friend blog post. Isn’t that the point of getting married and having kids us to “grow out” of the single and selfish stage?????

    • I would like to address Stacy on her comment.

      I think its sad you would blame little C’s speech delay on one night out a month with single friends. I will make sure to let my girlfriends know they are the reason for my son’s delay, NOT the fact that he was 6 weeks early.

      I don’t think taking a day or evening now and then to be with girlfriends is selfish at all. I think it recharges the batteries and makes me a better mom and wife. I never said to go out and ACT like your single, just that single friends can be a great asset.

      Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I am no longer important…

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  5. Hi, I found your blog via BlogTrepreneur, from your comment on Top 50 Mommy Blogs. Interesting post.

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