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I have a cute butt. I can say this because I’ve earned it. I’ve been dragging myself to exercise classes and gym time for several months, submitting myself to the nazi instructors who say things like “doesn’t this feel good” as we do 50 squat jumps with weights in our hands. No. No it does not. It feels like torture, actually. There is always some woman with a great body to inspire me to continue.  She’s usually 22. I realize that only freaks of nature like Demi Moore and Jennifer Anniston are going to have that body when pushing 40. But there is always room for improvement, right? I do have my limits though. I’ll eat smaller portions but I’m not giving up my favorite junk foods. Kind of slows the process…

Ever try to put your kid’s helmet on in a hurry and end up pinching his skin with that stupid clip that goes under the chin? I did this once and now Rocky closes his eyes in fear whenever it’s time for me to put it on again.

I went out on an impromptu movie date wearing my mommy clothes. Wow did I feel out of place with the late night got-no-kids, let’s all wear dark tight-fitting outfits and tons of make-up crowd.

Does a $100 jar of skin cream really outperform one that is, say $20? Even $15 for a teeny tiny jar of the supposed anti-wrinkle stuff seems preposterously high to me. Are we as women really this gullible that we keep the high-end skin care businesses going? Let me know if you’ve tried it and ended up looking like Halle Berry.  For now, I am dubious. Ditto with fancy shampoos.

Every now and then I get hooked on shows about people having mysterious symptoms and the doctors’ efforts (or non-efforts as is sometimes the case) to find a diagnosis and, hopefully, a treatment. I always feel bad for the people who are suffering but I keep watching because in the back of my mind I think “if this happens to someone I know,  I can help.”  I’ve found that more often than not, the mystery diagnosis is lyme disease.  If you’ve got crazy symptoms that no one’s been able to pinpoint.  Check it out.

Another day, another conversation about Star Wars. My son’s uncles opened his eyes to the fact that there were 3 more movies before the classic Star Wars tales we were watching before. I was never into the prequels so I can’t get into discussions about characters like General Grievous. “Mommy, did you KNOW that General Grievous takes light sabers from the Jedis he kills? He can use four at once.”  That sounds awful. Why aren’t you having nightmares about this? “AND did you KNOW that ONLY Obi Wan Kenobi could beat him? He shooted his gun at him…”

Good-bye Thomas the Train, you didn’t stand a chance against stories about galaxies far, far away.

The Librarian

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  1. I’m with you–I just can’t believe that a tiny bottle of $100 face cream is going to turn me into Halle Berry, or anyone for that matter. I love pampering myself with all-natural bath/shower goodies, but I’m not paying that much for lotion. I usually buy store brand, and my face hasn’t fallen off yet.

  2. I just wash my face. No fancy face wash or creams. Still have my face, but I’m sure not Halle Berry.

    My son loves Star Wars too. Especially General Grievous. And I think he is freaky too.

    Happy rtt!

  3. I pinched my sons skin in the helmet too! Now he just screams at me while I force him into it.

  4. What a great opening line! I wish I could say the same.

    Do I have to start liking Star Wars now that I have kids? I can just force them to watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy instead, right?

    • “Do I have to start liking Star Wars now that I have kids? I can just force them to watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy instead, right?”

      It depends, Beta Dad. If by forcing them to watch the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy you mean the 2005 movie, then that is unacceptable. However, if you’re referring to the original 1982 BBC mini-series, then yes, that’s fine. Alternately, you can force them to listen to the original radio series (great for road trips!).

      Or if by watching you mean the original Infocom game, you can find that here, although I think today’s youth miss the true beauty of the command line:

    • Your kids will be into whatever you expose them to. Mine has a father who just couldn’t hold back on the Star Wars. Enjoy this power while you can, however. I hear once they go to school and mingle with other kids and their obsessions, all bets are off! Remember Garbage Pail Kids? Yeah, mom wasn’t too happy about those. My nephews were into Transformers. And bathroom humor. Can’t wait for that one!

  5. You will now forever be to me: “The mom with the cute butt…”

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