Confessions of a Feminist Stay at Home Mom

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That’s right. I’ve said it. I am a feminist AND a stay at home mom. Thankfully, I surround myself with enough like-minded people that I don’t have to defend that statement anymore. I have a B.S. in Women’s Studies and have been defending the term “feminism” for a long time. I have a t-shirt that best sums up my views on the subject: “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” SO, my choice to be a stay at home doesn’t run contrary to that notion. It is a choice I made, and I have the power and the strength to make that choice. (AND, a very loving and supporting husband who doesn’t nag me or beg me to go back to work outside the home.)

But, I have 2 daughters, 2 future women who will learn a lot about being a woman from me. How do I deal with that pressure? They are very young (both under 3), but I already like to let them feel empowered to make their own choices. But, they’re toddlers. They’re going to make their own decisions regardless of what I – or anyone else – have to say about it!  I wouldn’t let anyone buy them a toy vacuum until my oldest actually asked for one. The fact that she’s in girl in no way means she has to have a toy vacuum. In fact, in our house, Dad is the one that vacuums. And, The Big Cheese is afraid of vacuums. And, yes, we’re potty training, and The Big Cheese wanted Cars panties. They don’t make them. So, we have a set of Cars briefs in her drawer, along with Dora, Tinkerbell, and Hello Kitty.

Am I doing it right? Doubtful. Heck, who is. But I am trying my darnedest to raise 2 strong, independent women. And anyone who has met The Big Cheese knows I must be doing something right!

The Legal Eagle


2 Responses

  1. Love it!

    My daughter was very disappointed that they don’t make Buzz Lightyear panties. We ended up with the Princess ones. Boo.

  2. I’ve met the Big Cheese, and believe me, you’re doing something right!

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