Works for Me Wednesday: Conserve Water

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In honor of Earth Day, here is a tip for conserving water. Place a bucket under the faucet while you are waiting for the water to warm up before your shower. I use this water for mopping, watering plants or filling the toilet tank. Simple but effective.
Conserve Water

Recycle your water

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Works-For-Me Wednesday

I’m Tired

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I’m just so tired.  Not the kind of tired you feel after pulling an all-nighter studying for an exam the next day.  Not the kind of tired that going for a brisk walk or having a cup of coffee can fixed.  I mean the exhausted to the bone, always irritable not even a good night sleep can fix kind of tired.

I go to school, I have a photography business, I am a wife and a MOM.  I am currently in the process of opening up a retail photography studio, taking it out of my home and into a retail space.

This is how my schedule currently looks like:

  1. Wake up at 6:00 and start work
  2. Little C wakes up and Big E gets ready for school.
  3. Take care of the house.
  4. Photo Shoot/Work
  5. Play with Little C
  6. Prepare dinner/clean up house
  7. Get ready for bed
  8. Spend time with my husband (he goes to bed at 9:30)
  9. Work from 9:30-1:00 am.

Somewhere in there I need to get some schoolwork done.  I’m beginning to feel like my extreme exhaustion is taking its toll on the family.  I feel snappier towards my husband and kids.  My fuse has become almost non-existent.  The worst part is I’m starting to feel like I’m ignoring my kid.

So something’s got to give right?  The question is what?