Works for Me Wednesday: Shoe Tips

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I buy most of my family’s shoes online and save $$ on good quality brands doing it!  At first getting shoes online seemed daunting.  After all, you don’t get to touch them or try them on before you buy.  But I was willing to try because I wear a size 5 which is hard to find in stores anyway.  I discovered an online retailer called and I’ve been hooked ever since.  They had so many more choices for me and brands I love.  Then I found some of their competitors and they are pretty good, too.  Woo hoo, more options!  Ones I’ve tried and would recommend are,, and

Privo Clarks

Cute shoes I found on sale

Three out of the four are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and all scored high through Bizrate. These stores also have one important thing in common.  Free shipping!  Both ways!  Not sure which shoes you want?  Order both and return what you don’t like or what doesn’t fit, hassle free.  They e-mail you the postage; you slap it on the box and hand it to the delivery guy.  That’s it!  Just be sure to keep the box until you know you are keeping the shoes.

Guess what else?  They don’t charge any taxes!  As of today, the rule on internet taxes is this:  if the company has a physical retail store in your state, it is obligated to collect taxes.  If not, collecting taxes is optional.  And these companies are online only so they don’t have to charge taxes in any state.  This is great for us consumers!  Of course, Uncle Sam is chomping at the bit to get more revenue wherever he can so this may not always be the case but enjoy it while you can.

Stride Rite Shoes

You can find deals on top brand kid shoes, too.

Over the years these shoe sites have gained popularity as more people have caught on to the convenience.  This has resulted not only in more brands willing to sell through these sites but in more thrilled consumers who are willing to give their feedback via shoe reviews.  I have found the reviews to be very helpful in determining which shoes are right for me.  And my child.  Yes, all the popular children’s shoes can be found here, too.  I never pay full price for such quality shoes as Stride Rite, Nike, Robeez, etc.  Once in a while I can find these on the shelves at discount stores but the selection is never as good.  My husband is a creature of habit.  He buys the same shoes over and over so it is a no brainer to buy his shoes online.  We already know what they look like and that they fit.

You can almost always find coupon codes for these places. is the one exception I’ve found, it usually does not offer codes, it has sales instead.  But the rest do and you can either sign up on their sites to receive the coupon codes or simply Google for one whenever you are thinking about buying.  I know Shoebuy, for one, rewards loyalty by offering additional discounts to returning customers.    And did I mention that the customer service is top notch?

Still skeptical about buying things online?  A couple of these sites offer the option of using PayPal.  This means you don’t have to enter your credit card (PayPal stores this info for you) every time you buy.  Even if you don’t buy online, these sites can help you narrow down your search and decide what you really want.

Happy shoe browsing, everyone.

The Librarian

Works-For-Me Wednesday

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Conveniently Green–True Confessions

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So the other day I had a couple of moms and my Sainted Mother-in-law over (seriously, the woman is a saint. And I don’t mean that in a “why so snarky, Sparky?” kind of way) and my SMIL wanted to take some food home to my father-in-law and brother-in-law. Photo Addict happened to be standing nearby, and when I pulled open the kitchen drawer, she gasped as though she’d just seen a severed hand in there.

It's a severed hand! And by severed hand I mean Ziploc bags!

No, seriously. She gasped so loudly I actually looked to see if I’d accidentally left a severed hand next to the plastic wrap.

“ZIPLOC BAGS!!!!!” She cried.

It’s true confession time at Conveniently Green. I use Ziploc bags. Even worse–I almost never re-use them either. Yes folks, I’m going Conveniently Green right along with you. That whole “Just a Little Bit Less” applies to me too. I’m maybe one or two steps ahead of you–but then again, many of you are several steps ahead of me. Just want you all to know I’m not some kind of Paragon Of Green Virtue or anything. I do, however, test out all of my suggestions myself, so it’s not a case of “take my advice–I’m not using it!”

The funny thing is, people are becoming seriously aware of what they’re doing. I know this because they keep reporting it to me. For example, over at the SoCal FruGal’s house, Mommica returned from the kitchen and said, “Just so you know, I dried my hands on a paper towel but I saved the towel for the next time I need to dry my hands.” “Conveniently Green!” shouted the SoCal FruGal. “Conveniently Green!” Mommica echoed in response.

“What???” said Anonymous Mom #3. One of these women doesn’t read the blog. I don’t want to mention any names, so I called her Anonymous Mom #3. But girlfriend needs to get onboard or she’s going to singlehandedly melt the ice floes and drown us all. And nobody wants that.

There's another one! Where does the carnage end???

At another playdate, we were talking about going green and Signing Mom asked, “How green are you willing to go?” I responded, “Uhhhhhh, 75%?” as though there were some kind of Green Rating and I was shooting for a C+. Signing Mom then talked about her ideal future–a ranch somewhere with a lot of land, living almost completely off the grid. As she talked about raising and slaughtering her own pigs, I’ll admit that the thought of a lifetime supply of bacon was seriously appealing, but then again, knowing that bacon on a personal level prior to its hickory-smoked deliciousness doesn’t sound that fabulous after all. Honestly, I truly admire Signing Mom (for more reasons than just her commitment to creating her own solar and wind energy), but I really think I’m going to have to visit her after the pig has been turned into bacon.

Mmmmmmmmmm…bacon. God’s gift to carnivores.

Conveniently Green: Use just a little bit less right along with me!

And speaking of severed hands, every Gen X Mom should appreciate The Chopped-Off Hands of Star Wars.

The Scrivener

The Gen X Moms blog is now accepting submissions for our Silent Sunday feature! If you’ve got a cute kid picture, or a kid-related picture, and want the fame, fortune, and adulation of being featured on the Gen X Moms blog, shoot us an email!

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