At-Home Businesses for Busy Moms: Sprouts Photography

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So many moms want to run an at-home business. Whether it’s to pay a few extra bills, have more money to splurge on lip gloss that goes unappreciated by everyone except our other mommy friends, or just continue a hobby and use our brains, starting an at-home business can be scary but exciting. In this feature, Gen X Moms will interview a variety of moms who run at-home businesses. Be sure to scroll to the bottom where you’ll find exclusive offers just for Gen X Mom readers!

Today’s Mom: Renee with Sprouts Photography

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family
My name is Renee, I’m a wife and mother of two boys, 11 and 3.  They definitely keep me busy.  I’ve always been creative.  I started my career back in 1996 as a graphic designer.  I was working full-time for a large company in their marketing department as the senior graphic designer, had my own photography studio on the side all while trying to maintain a marriage and being a mom.  Something had to give.  I quit my full-time job to stay home with my son.  A year later I gave birth to my second son.
Tell us about your business
I have a small boutique photography company that specializes in maternity, babies and children: Sprouts Photography.
How did you get started in this business?
I actually started in photography doing boudoir/pin-up.  Coming from the graphic design background I was really great at retouching the digital photos.  I never thought I would have the patience to photograph children, but it turns out I’m really great with them.  The key is slowing down and working with them instead of trying to direct them.  Doing the maternity photos came natural to me coming from the boudoir background.  Maternity photos are very intimate, as are boudoir, so my ability to light and pose women in the most flattering way is helpful.
Did you have any kind of special education or training?
Yes!  I started at a trade school for the computer training, which has been such a blessing now.  I ended at the Academy of Art in San Francisco with a BFA in Photography.  Since I am a mom and wife and couldn’t go to on campus classes I did their online program and loved it!
How do you juggle motherhood and the business?
I’m not going to lie–it’s really tough.  My older son goes to school so that isn’t a problem.  My 3 year old, however, requires my constant attention.  I try to attend a play date or take him out almost every morning to really get him nice and tired.  If I don’t get out of the house he helps me clean and do chores.  I am really lucky that he naps for almost 3 hours! I do almost all my work during those 3 hours.  I know its not very popular to say this, but there are days that I’ll turn on Finding Nemo or Cars and work on the laptop while he watches the movie.  I figure hey, at least I’m here next to him, right?  I try to schedule all shoots for either the weekend (on-location shoots) or during his nap time (studio shoots).  I am lucky to have my studio in my garage so it works out great that I can shoot or meet with clients while he naps.  It helps that I’m dealing with other moms so they are understanding.
What would you say to other moms interested in opening a similar business?
I say if you have the talent do it!  And if you aren’t there technically yet, keep on practicing.  Invest in lenses and really work on satisfying the clients you do have, because moms are really vocal when they like something (or don’t!).  Word of mouth is the best advertising there is!
Do you have any special offers for Gen X Mom readers?
Absolutely, us moms have to stick together!  If you subscribe to the Gen X Moms blog and book a session, you get a $100 credit towards any wall print (canvas wrap, float wrap, large format prints).
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