Works For Me Wednesday–Online Budgeting

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Here’s a snazzy thing for you – online budget software @

*Gasp* I said the “B” word. And in Southern California, the land of fruit and honey and rampant consumerism, I really am gonna cause a ruckus just saying that word… I realize that to a lot of people, BUDGET is a nasty concept, much like DIET. Guess what folks? It doesn’t have to be! All a budget is, is a SPENDING PLAN. So if you really want that 7 series Beemer, use to put you on the track to get it. It works like Quicken or any of the other budget software systems you buy, except 2 differences:

1 – it’s web-based

2 – it’s FREE (check out the free part, that’s my favorite)

Is it secure? Yup. I’ve been using it more than a year now, and let me tell you the difference it’s made in our household finances… We now know where every single cent goes. We have budget categories for every single expenditure you can imagine. We discovered we were paying a stupid amount of money on banking fees. It even has a feature that will tell you what banks and credit card companies would be better for you and your assets (lower fees, higher APY’s, etc). Got investment accounts? Plug those in, too, and it will tell you your net worth. I could go on and on about all the features it has, but I won’t. Just go check it out for yourself. (In case you missed it before, it’s FREE, so you got nothin’ to lose.) I discovered it through The Motley Fool , an independant personal finance site I’ve been using for ages. (Check them out, too while you’re at it. They have budget tutorials)

Happy Budgeting!

The SoCal FruGal

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3 Responses

  1. We have been using Mint since last October and I’m amazed how much I now know about my own life! =) I really have a good grasp on our spending now and have been able to make adjustments and really work on our budget.

    Great tip! I recommend them all of the time!

  2. I agree that budgeting shouldn’t be that scary!! And it helps. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Great tip! This is one area I am ashamed to say all too often, I close my eyes and look the other way… No more.

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